Golf Ball Crib Board

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Golf Ball Crib Board

The Golf Ball Crib Board is fourteen inches in diameter and features three tracks for two, three, or four players.  The center panel is produced of gloss aluminum and can be customized with any graphics right up to full colour.  This board can be glazed any colour to match corporate themes.  The Golf Ball Crib Board can be used as a presentation to the tournament winners, or for some of the separate challenges such as ” Closest to the Pin”, “Longest Putt” etc. Each Golf Ball Crib Board comes with a set of aluminum pins behind a magnetic door on the back of the game.  There is also a keyhole hanger to be able to hand the Golf Ball Crib Board on the wall.

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Crib is a game that has seen a resurgence in the past few years. A great reason for a social gathering while enjoying g the company of family or friends.  The Golf Ball Crib Board is one of many designs available.  We even produce custom shaped and themed crib boards.  If you are looking for something specific to your industry or event, please send us your request through the contact form and a representative will contact you with information and quotation.


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